Product Care


+ Hand wash only, with cool water. Dawn soap works great on the bandanas. Hang to dry.

+ Bandana's may fade slightly when washed.

+ Iron when needed, with care. To preserve the color of the prints, iron on the solid fabric side.

+ DO NOT iron over any vinyl, as this will cause the vinyl to lift and possibly come off. If needed, iron on the opposite side of where the vinyl is placed. You can also use a thin piece of fabric to cover the vinyl, then gently iron over it if needed.

+ AVOID tags and snaps if ironing.



+ Wash inside out on a cool/cold, delicate cycle to ensure vinyl does not peel or crack. Hang to dry.


Key Fobs

+ Hand wash only. Do not iron. Lay flat to dry.



Polymer clay is durable but still needs to be handled with care. A couple things to ensure they are taken care of


+ Do not submerge in water

+ Do not bend or put a great deal of pressure

+ Store in a safe place or in a box when transporting

+ To clean, wipe gently with a damp cloth

+ To clean any tarnished brass pieces, wipe gently with lemon juice and wipe with a damp cloth